Quick Guide

If the device turns off after a particular amount of time has passed, despite the fact that the sleep option has not been enabled. This could be caused by the “Playback Limit” settings.

📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

  • Playback Limit option is to turn the device off from the connection to the server, when there is no user intervention after certain set time.
  • Please check and try the things below if you want to disable it.
  • 💡 Playback Limit option in Settings

    • Go to MYTVOnline 1 & 2 > Settings > Playback limit
    • Check if any value is set there. If you do not want, select OFF

    💡 Playback Limit from service provider side

    If Playback Limit option is off but your device still goes to sleep mode, or if you are not able to turn it off and it is shown greyed or not shown at all, That must be due to the configuration by your service provider.

    Please contact your service provider and explain what happens.

Here you have some different ways to change channels using Mytvonline.

  • By pressing ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ Channel buttons, users can navigate through the channel
  • By pressing corresponding numbers on the remote, users can directly change the channel
  •     Press ‘Ok’ button to open TV channels while watching the program. Use ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ arrow buttons on D-pad and press ‘OK’ button to change the channel
  •     Press ‘INFO’ button, then press ‘Left’ arrow buttons twice to change channel groups. Also press ‘Green’ button in the remote to open up ‘Search’ option
  • Press ‘Group’ button to view groups

Availability of Catch up TV is dependent on your service provider. If your service provides catch up TV, you can access it with MYTVOnline in any one of the following ways:

Method #1
  • Start MYTVOnline
  • While the Info Banner or Classic Channel List is on-screen, press the RIGHT direction button on the remote.  Single channel guide is displayed.
  • Navigate to a past program that has a red play icon next to it
  • Press OK to start viewing the catch up program
Method #2
  • Start MYTVOnline
  • Press the EPG button on the remote.  Grid guide is displayed.
  • Navigate to a past program that has a red colored grid cell.
  • Press OK to start viewing the catch up program

Please check below maximum supported external storage size info.

📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

💡 External hard drive

There is NO physical limit, just there is partition and format file system limitation. Please make (1x) full partition and format USB to NTFS type.

💡 SD card

256GB (Gigabytes) is the maximum supported size on Formuler Android-based products.

Favorite Channel Editor(My Groups) allows you to create your own favorite groups and arrange favorite channels in your desired order.
  • Add up to 10 different favorite groups
  • Arrange channels in your desired order
  • Up to 300 channels per group

Please follow the quick guide below to enjoy this new feature.

📝Applicable models: ✅ Mytvonline 2 Models

How to Access?

  • Live TV > Channel List > Open Channel Editor() by pressing the LEFT on the remote
    • Live Channel screen > OK button > LEFT button > LEFT button
⚡ Add & Edit My Groups
  • Add a new favorites group: My groups > Press ‘Add group’ > Enter a group name > Press OK
  • Edit the favorites group: Navigate to the group you want to edit > Long-press OK on the remote
    • Re-order: Move the group with the arrow keys on the remote > Press OK to accept its new position
    • Remove: Press RIGHT and OK on the remote
⚡ Add & Edit  favorite channels
  • Add a favourite channel: Navigate to your favorite list > Press ‘Add Channels’ > Select Group > Mark the channels to add to the group > Complete
  • Edit the favorite channel: Navigate to the channel which you want to edit > Long-press OK on the remote
    •  Re-order: Move the channel with the arrow key on the remote > Press OK to accept its new position
    • Remove: Press RIGHT and OK on the remote


📝Applicable models : ✅Z nano

  • Go to MYTVOnline Home > System > System > Factory Reset > Enter the pin > Factory Reset

📝Applicable models : ✅Z+ ✅Zprime ✅Z7+ ✅Z7+ 5G ✅Zx ✅Zx 5G

  • Go to Home > Settings (gear icon) > System > Factory Reset > Enter the pin > Factory Reset

📝Applicable models : ✅Z8 ✅Z Alpha ✅Z+Neo

  • Go to Home > Android Settings > Storage & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Enter pin > Factory Reset

💬 You can do easy backup using backup & restore tool before the factory reset.

📝Applicable models : ✅GTV

  • Go to Home > Android Settings > Device Preferences > Reset
  • 💡Built-in & USB method / Manual Factory reset

If you encounter Error code 7, 403, Try the troubleshooting steps below.

📝Applicable models: ✅ All models The reason why you see “Error Code 7” is because of a connection failure between your device and service.

Read through the steps below to troubleshoot your issue.

💡 If the error occurred the very first time you tried to connect to the service…

  • Make sure that your internet connection is working by checking another app like Youtube on your Formuler device
  • Check if the portal URL is input correctly
    • Try to input portal URL in any web-browser to verify if the URL you use is correct and accessible
    • Ask your service provider for the correct portal URL
  • Make sure that you gave a correct MAC-ID that starts with 00:1A:… to your service provider in case you use Stalker portal connection
    • ID is shown on the sticker at the bottom of the device or on the screen where you input portal URL
  • Contact your service provider and ask if your service is valid and correctly activated for your
    • MAC-ID: 00:1A:… or your credentials: Username/Password or your M3U playlist
  • If your M3U playlist works, try XC api login by converting your M3U long url to XC API credential
💡 If the service was working well before but now you see the Code 7 error…
  • Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough and other apps like Youtube work well
  • Contact your service provider and ask if your home IP is banned/blocked or if your account is locked
  • Go to Portal edit screen where you input your service info and check if anything has changed
  • Input your portal URL in any web-browser using your phone or PC and verify that the URL is correct
    • It should load a web-page without any error and accessible from your home network
💡 Basic Checks
  • Try to use another HDMI cable, and use other HDMI port on TV
  • Bypass any A/V receiver in the device chain and connect the Formuler directly to your TV using the HDMI cable
  • If available, try to connect your Formuler to a different TV or monitor to check for signal
  • Verify and Select the correct Input on the TV
Next, check supported resolutions on your TV. Formuler device might be set to an incompatible HDMI output mode.
  • Turn ON the TV
  • Pull the power from your Formuler device
  • Plug power back into the Formuler device
  • Wait at least 2 minutes for the Formuler to boot up
  • Press and hold the resolution button for 5 seconds on your Formuler remote Output resolution of the Formuler will automatically be set to a safe resolution.  “HDMI auto adaptation option enabled” message is displayed.
💬 HDMI Auto adaptation option
  • You can also set HDMI auto adaptation option manually from the settings.
  • Applicable models: Z8 Pro,  Z8,  Z+ Neo, Z Alpha
    • Home > Settings > Display > Auto-select best resolution : enable this option
  • Applicable models: Z7+ 5G, Z7+, Zx 5G, Zx, Z+, Z prime
    • Home > Settings > Android > Display > HDMI auto adaptation : enable this option
  • Applicable models: Z nano
    • Home > System > Android > Display > Optimal display format : enable this option
💬 How to turn off HDCP

Applicable models: Z8 Pro, Z8, Z+ Neo, Z Alpha

Follow the steps below to turn off HDCP.

  • On your Formuler, Go to Home > Open the Android Settings
  • Scroll down and open Advanced Options
  • Select HDMI CEC, HDCP
  • Scroll down to “Enable HDCP” and turn that option OFF
  • Exit from Android settings
  • Turn off your Formuler device and turn it back on.
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