Reasons Why You Should Be Switching to Formuler Z8 Android IPTV

If you are still watching television the traditional way, like cable TV, you are wasting your time viewing your favorite TV shows and sports. Although some people require limited functions out of their IPTV box, it is better to get as much as possible in one package.

Once you try Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) through Formuler Z8 Box, you won’t want to switch back. A reliable IPTV box has technical power and quality features and that too at a cost-effective price.

First, consider what kind of spec you will get from the box on your TV screen. Resolution and frame rate matters a lot because you don’t want to spend extra on a 4K HDR box when you only have a 1080p screen. And the vice versa case is also an unfortunate event.

Here is why you should switch to IPTV from cable TV.

  1. On-Demand Service

Traditional TV streaming works on a scheduled basis. For instance, if your favorite TV show is aired late at night on Friday, you will have to wait for the program to be aired on a specific date and time. But IPTV makes you the masters of the choice. A Formuler Z8 box will connect you to live TV and on-demand video service for uninterrupted entertainment.

  1. Real Entertainment

Instead of depending on your cable TV, get entertained whenever you want with your IPTV box. For instance, when traveling, you can utilize the travel time to see news or your favorite movie or Tv show on your tablet or even on your phone. IPTV allows video streaming and Live TV on every platform.

  1. More Options

Traditional TV services offer limited options, but a Dreamlink TV box can connect you with international channels. You will get a host of choices to select from, and these options would include more than just regular TV programs.

  1. Freedom from Contracts

Cable companies sell long-term contracts, but IPTV offers freedom from the needless expenditure. After installing a Formuler Z8 box, you won’t have to buy costly long-term contracts to watch your favorite TV shows and programs. Switching to IPTV would definitely save you time and money.

The Bottom Line

Formuler’s whole series of streaming boxes have always been first-class and of top-quality in almost every aspect. The asking price of the Formuler Z8 box is slightly higher than its predecessor. Paying a few extra bucks for 16GB of storage and a superior Wi-Fi connection is a pretty good deal. And because of that, Formuler’s Z8 Android IPTV box is one of the best of its kind on the market today.

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