Essential Technical Features of Formuler Z+ Neo You Should Know

The Android TV-boxes are becoming increasingly popular today. These small TV-Boxes are practical; they allow you to connect your Smart TV with different wireless devices in the home, with the help of the internet, of course.

An Android TV box gives you the opportunity to see different IPTV channels on the network easily and access the contents of your smartphone or tablet on your screen. With so many TV-Boxes out there, you may not know which one to choose. Out of the many, the Formuler Z+ Neo is one of the popular IPTV boxes.

Formuler Z+ Neo:

Formuler Z+ Neo is a lower-end specification box with the latest generation IPTV Android media streamer interface. It contains the software structures and advanced DVR features at a fraction of the cost, making Z+ Neo perfect for any streaming requirement without spending a fortune.

Formuler Z+ Neo balances advanced features and costs to offer the most cost-effective device to the end-users. Easy-to-use TV optimized launcher and universal Android app compatibility make it an ideal device for cost-cutting.

Technical Features of Formuler Z+ Neo:

  • The TV-Box Formuler Z+ Neo is well-configured to meet the demands of its users. It also has a powerful processor, a Hisilicon chipset, a 64-bit system, and an impressive graphics card.
  • It works with the Android O/S that allows it to connect to all Android applications. It also guarantees fluidity, regardless of the activity you do with the TV-box.
  • The Formuler Z+ Neo has a Ram of 1 GB and an internal memory of 4 GB that allows you to install all the apps you need. RAM enables your TV-Box to work efficiently, quickly, and without errors.
  • It is also equipped with a USB port – 2.0 with which you can connect your USB keys. Its HDMI 2.0a port allows you to connect it to your TV to guarantee video output.
  • For the internet connection, you can select between a wired network or a wireless network. The TV-Box is equipped with an RJ 45 port for a 10/ 100m ethernet connection.
  • You can also connect Formuler Z+ Neo with different wireless devices, such as headphones or smartphones.

The Bottom Line

The TV-Box Formuler Z+ Neo is one of the most popular TV-boxes on the market. A reputation earned through its performance. This TV-Box enables you to access the various options provided by the internet on your TV.

Formuler Z+ Neo offers the perfect balance of price and entertainment and is ideal for users looking for a cost-effective IPTV receiver.

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