An Easy Guide on How to Get Started with Cord Cutting Device (Formuler CC)

Do you still have that traditional cable box in your home? What if we tell you that you can watch all your favorite shows, play your favorite games, and use your favorite apps on your TV at much lower cost? All you need is to say goodbye to your cable box and monthly cable TV bills, get a good internet connection and start streaming live TV. At present, more Americans are shifting to cord-cutting and streaming premium services like Netflix, YouTube, and more.

With a cord-cutting device, such as Formuler CC, you will have thousands of TV shows and movies to stream live and on-demand.

So, how do I get started with cord-cutting?

Here is your guide on how to cut your cord and stream your favorite shows and movies.

Get a home internet plan with unlimited data, if possible

These days, most Americans are already buying internet plans with a high-amount of data. By adding some more dollars, you can get a home internet plan with sufficient data.

Many people get their Internet with their cable TV bundle and some with even phone service. However, you can shop around to find better home internet plans.

You need to find how much home broadband costs you without a TV bu. If your cable TV bundle is $130 a month, your internet plan may cost you only around $60. So, yes, you will save big every month by cutting your current cable TV.

When buying an internet plan, keep in mind that for streaming premium services, you might need a faster internet connection.

Replace Your DVR shows with Streaming Options

If you use the DVR of your cable box a lot, you should try to replace it with the cloud DVR of streaming services.

However, cloud DVR has some limitations as it comes with limited storage. Shows expire after a certain time, there might be limitations on which channels you can record, and some might even force you to watch commercials. Till now, YouTube TV has the best cloud DVR.

The good news is that you might not miss your DVR at all because streaming services allow you to watch shows on demand.

Install an Over-The-Air Television Antenna

If you already have an OTA TV antenna, you are good to go ahead. If you don’t have one and can’t do without local TV broadcasts, then you should install an antenna.

Installing an antenna is also a great way to bypass the high cost of local networks. You may have to buy a compatible external ATSC tuner with most cord-cutting devices. But you won’t need to if you choose to buy an OTT device that comes with a built-in OTA tuner.

Buy a streaming device for the final action

When it comes to buying a streaming device, Formuler is a renowned brand that offers an exclusive assortment for those who want to cut the expensive cable and enjoy unlimited, diverse, and high-quality entertainment.

Among the different models offered by Formuler, Formuler CC is an Android-based 4K UHD Hybrid OTA DVR and OTT cord-cutting media receiver and comes with an in-built OTA tuner. With this device, you can easily watch and record (and do much more like pause, rewind, and fast forward) live, local TV broadcasts from your over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna and stream live and on-demand shows and movies.

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